3D scan your feet

Only 4 photos needed to modelize them in 3D.

Our technology alloys the construction of our 3D insole that fits perfectly in our shoes. You can now do the whole process in the full confort of your house.

Please follow this step by step solution to 3D scan your feet from anywhere, with any smartphone. It's simple and fun!

Step 1

You'll need a white 8 ½ x 11 paper sheet and your smartphone.

Take off your socks and roll-up your pants over your calves.

Step 2 

Place your right foot in the center of the paper sheet with the heel and paper against the wall. Take a photo of the top of your foot with your smartphone. The photo must include the entire foot and at least 3 corners of the paper sheet.

*The sheet must be flat and without wrinkles.

Step 3 

Do the exact same with the left foot. Take a photoof the top view with your phone. Make sure we see at least 3 corners of the sheet and your entire foot.

*The sheet must be flat and without wrinkles.

Step 4 

Take a photo of the inside view of your right foot. Make sure we see the entire foot and that your phone is as close as possible to the ground. You may want to ask for some help here.

For this photo, the only mandatory piece is a 2$ coin holding straith on your big toe.


Step 5

Do the exact same with your left foot. Take an inside view of your left foot with a 2$ coin holding on your big toe. Make sure we see your whole foot in the frame.


You can now upload them when you create your account.

If you already have an account, you can send them by email at info@mathsport.ca