Live Craps

At the craps table in any physical casino, there is a lot of conversation and commotion. You could have seen a few rounds or heard players and spectators cheering for 7 or 11. If so, it’s highly likely that you had trouble comprehending what was happening. What is the desired result? Who’s triumphant? Why? This particular atmosphere is difficult to recreate in the virtual world, which may be why so few people have attempted it. Our staff of professionals is prepared to provide you with all the knowledge, advice, and other crucial details you need to play live craps.

How to Start Playing Live Dealer Craps

Have a look at the things you need to pay attention to before playing live craps:

Registration You must register in order to launch any live game because you cannot do so without being signed in. Opening an account at an online casino is a quick and easy process.  Bonuses With their initial deposits, new players have the opportunity to receive a welcome bonus. Take the bonus if the terms are reasonable and live craps counts toward the rollover.  
Deposit The welcome bonus typically requires a deposit, and playing live online craps requires real money anyway. Transfer at least the bare minimum permitted.  Withdrawal Depending on how your gaming session turns out, you might have money ready for withdrawal. Make sure the sum satisfies the requirements for the minimum payout value.  

Try to Beat the Dealer at a Live Craps Game

Craps played with a live dealer online come the closest to simulating the thrill of playing the game in a physical casino. The dice are shaken and tossed by a machine when you play live craps online. More and more people are choosing to play craps in the convenience of their own homes.

The guidelines for playing live dealer craps online are the same as those used in traditional casinos. You can choose from a variety of bets, and you can win the game by correctly predicting how the dice will land.

Vivo Gaming Craps

An authentic online live craps gaming experience is offered by Vivo Gaming. Although Vivo Gaming is the top provider of live craps, not all Vivo casinos have that option. Finding a website where you can play for real money can be difficult.

Live Craps: House Edge and Payouts

Because there are so many various kinds of wagers you may place when playing craps, we made a helpful payout table to save you time looking for the information.

If you can only remember one wager as a beginner at craps, make it the pass line wager. All live craps online games begin with this wager, which has one of the lowest house edges (1.41 percent).

Craps Table

Top 3 Live Craps Online Casinos

Discover the best 3 online casinos to play live craps for real money.


Live craps is available at 22bet Casino from Evolution Gaming. Novice players can benefit from the game’s simple option, which allows for fewer bet spaces. As players place their bets, the Dynamic Statistics boards that are displayed on your screen are continuously updated so you can see how other gamblers are doing. If players are unfamiliar with the rules yet, a tutorial is also offered.

22 Bet Casino
Playamo Casino


Two craps games from Evolution Gaming are available on Playamo. Both live craps and first-person craps are options. By selecting “Go live” in the latter version, you can immediately begin playing a game with a live dealer. You may access player statistics to guide your gameplay decisions, and the games are placed in a pleasant underground casino environment.

Bob Casino

Two craps games are available at Bob Casino from Evolution Gaming, a leader in the sector. Players can make wagers on all the standard bets in the dark, underground casino environment of live craps. However, you can also experience first-person craps, an innovation where the camera position gives the impression that you are seated at the craps table. You can access the live craps table option at any moment by using the “Go live” button.

Bob Casino

Live Craps Tips

Play RNG online craps Free-play is not supported in live online craps games, but it is in RNG craps. Before you sit down at a live dealer table, use it to familiarize yourself with the game.  Explore rules & payouts of live craps Check the rewards and rules after starting a live game to see if they differ from the RNG games you practiced with. Before placing the very first wager, make sure you complete this.  
Begin with small Use the smallest denomination of chips you can find until you feel comfortable taking bigger risks. By placing tiny bets, you can experiment with different wagers while stretching your gaming budget.  Claim live casino bonus While bonus money can extend your time at a live craps table, keep in mind that it also comes with rules and limitations. Before claiming them, review the T&C.  
Begin with a pass bet The simplest wager in real-time online craps is the pass line. The majority of players use it, and it has a house edge of just 1.41 percent.  Know when to stop Live craps is a fast-paced, entertaining game, and it’s simple to become engrossed and stop paying attention to your balance. When you’ve hit your limit, turn around and leave.  


What is the difference between live craps online and games played at brick-and-mortar casinos?

The gameplay and payouts are essentially the same. One notable distinction is the environment fostered by participants in land-based casinos who come together to place bets on the same result (Pass bet).

Which live craps bet pays the most?

Proposition wagers have the biggest payouts; Any 11 and Ace Deuce pay 15:1, Aces and Boxcar 30:1. Hardways is the next, paying 7:1 for 4 or 10 and 9:1 for 6 or 8.

Which bet has the worst odds?

The largest house advantage of all bets is on propositions, which ranges from 5.56 percent to 16.67 percent. These bets, which can either win or lose in a single throw, ought to never be placed.